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Leaker corroborates iPhone 16 capacitive capture button rumor

iPhone 16 could gain capacitive buttons

A leaker on Weibo says Apple will include a new capacitive button and relocate the mmWave antenna for iPhone 16, which was rumored previously.

The rumored "Capture Button" is expected to be capacitive, joined by a capacitive Action Button, on iPhone 16. The new button would be located below the sleep/wake button, requiring the mmWave antenna to move under the volume buttons.

A second leaker called Instant Digital on Weibo has repeated this claim. The Weibo post was first discovered by MacRumors.

There isn't much to say that wasn't covered by the original leak. The original source is anonymous, so it was difficult to assign it any credibility.

The Action Button and Capture Button would both be capacitive while the remaining volume and power buttons would remain physical switches. No leak claims to know what the Capture Button is for, but the name suggests a camera launcher or similar tool.

The rumors also speak about the iPhone 16 series as a whole, but it seems likely such a feature introduction would be limited to iPhone 16 Pro models.

Instant Digital doesn't have a long history, but has shared some accurate details about the yellow iPhone 14, frosted back glass on iPhone 15, and more. The leaker also recently claimed Apple would specifically change the iPad mini 7 hardware to reduce the jelly scrolling effect.

AppleInsider still rates this rumor as possible. However, it seems unlikely that Apple would add a new external button two years in a row.

The iPhone 16 lineup won't be announced until September 2024. Rumors expect further improvements to the camera systems and larger displays.