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iPhone 16 rumored to have iPhone 12-like vertical camera arrangement

The iPhone 12 was the last model with vertical cameras

A new leak suggests iPhone 16 will get a vertical camera arrangement instead of the current diagonal cameras found in iPhone 14. It would look similar to iPhone 12.

Apple tends to reserve the biggest product changes for its more premium pro iPhones, then let them trickle down in later generations. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro got the Dynamic Island, which is expected to arrive in the standard iPhone 15 in 2023.

According to a new leak from Twitter user @URedditor, aka Unknownz21, the iPhone 16 will get a notable design change different from the iPhone 15. The base model iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus would get a vertical camera arrangement instead of diagonal, which would look similar to iPhone 12.

Apple shifted to the diagonal layout to make space for the improving sensors and stabilization motors, but that extra space may no longer be needed in the future. It isn't clear why Apple would make the change, but Unknownz21 suggests it would make the product instantly recognizable as the new model.

That's interesting because Apple's most recent strategy has de-prioritized outward design changes for the standard iPhones. While year-over-year changes are notable and add new functionality to the product, they tend to be inherited from the pro models.

In a follow-up tweet, the leaker states this design change is why they are less bullish on the iPhone 15 standard devices. The vertical camera arrangement at least provides some differentiation from iPhone 15, which won't be outwardly very different from iPhone 14.

Accuracy still pending

Unknownz21 has a short yet accurate leak history. They shared the "Gobi" AR codes prior to iOS 14 being announced with App Clips.

Since then, Unknownz21 has been sharing leaks about the iPhone 15 lineup and has recently moved to iPhone 16. They showed alleged photos of the USB-C port in iPhone 15, camera arrangement changes, and information about A17 and Wi-Fi 6E.

So far, Unknownz21 hasn't provided any reason to doubt their claims. They tend to align with other notable leakers, however, due to the increasing volume from Unknownz21, their credibility as a leaker is now riding entirely on the iPhone 15 lineup reveal.

Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 15 during an event in September, so until then, we treat Unknownz21's leaks as reliable. The iPhone 16 lineup won't be released until 2024.