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iPhone 15 Pro USB-C port allegedly shown in photo

iPhone 15 to have USB-C

A known leaker with a limited but accurate history has shared what he claims is an "actual close-up" photo of the iPhone 15 Pro USB-C port.

The Twitter user known as @URedditor or Unknownz21 has shared an alleged image of the iPhone 15 Pro USB-C port. This would be the first real look at the device that isn't a render if true.

The photo is zoomed in to the point that only the USB-C port and a portion of the speaker grilles are visible. The edges are curved in a way that the iPhone 14 Pro is not, suggesting that the rounded-edge rumor is also accurate.

This image was shared in response to an earlier Tweet thread from render artist Ian Zelbo, who shared CAD files of the iPhone 15. After showing what clearly was an indent for the USB-C port, @URedditor responded with the leaked photo.

Apple's transition to USB-C in iPhone 15 has been long rumored. With increasing regulatory pressure from the EU, it is all but confirmed for the 2023 release cycle.

@URedditor's history is short but accurate. They previously obtained pre-released iOS 14 code and leaked the "Gobi" AR codes that eventually were revealed as scannable App Clips.

The leaker previously shared that Wi-Fi 6E would be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro lineup, likely due to the A17 being exclusive to those models.