iPhone 15 Pro & iPhone 15 Pro Max case roundup: keep your iPhone looking perfect with these cases

By Amber Neely

Now that you've decided to purchase a new iPhone, or got one as a gift, it's time to pick up a new iPhone 15 Pro Max case to protect your investment.

iPhone 15 Pro case roundup

The new iPhones may be durable, but there are still many reasons to pick up a case. Be it fashion, function, or protection, cases come in all different shapes and styles. We've picked out our favorites for the new iPhone 15 Pro lineup.

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Shield Case by Mujjo

Protect your new iPhone 15 with Mujjo's shield case. This impact-resistant case provides up to 15 feet of drop protection in a thin, refined case.

Mujjo's Shield Case in black

The gold-rated, vegetable-tanned leather develops a beautiful patina over time. The interior features a Japanese microfiber lining to keep your new phone scratch-free.

Buy at Mujjo

Mujjo's new Shield Case is available for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and costs $64. Available in Black and Steel Blue.

Full Leather Case by Mujjo

If you're looking for a stylish, sophisticated phone case, the Full Leather Case from Mujjo is an excellent choice. Its slim design includes a raised leather bezel of 1mm, protecting against scuffs and scratches on your screen. The slim profile also highlights the iconic design of your iPhone.

Mujjo's Full Leather Case

Additionally, it is enveloped in vegetable-tanned leather and crafted to develop a charming patina over time with regular usage. The microfiber lining keeps your iPhone scratch-free, perfect when it comes time to trade it in.

Buy at Mujjo

The Full Leather Case is available for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max and costs $64. Available in Monaco Blue, Tan, Black, and Burgandy.

Full Leather Wallet Case by Mujjo

Wrapped in a luxurious vegetable-tanned leather, this iPhone 15 Pro Max case only looks better with age. A soft microfiber lining keeps your iPhone 15 Pro looking as good as the day you bought it.

Mujjo's Full Leather Wallet Case in Monaco Blue

A card slot in the back of the case can hold up to three cards, allowing you to leave your wallet at home.

Buy at Mujjo

A machined metal rear camera bump protects your iPhone's lenses, while a 1mm raised leather bezel protects your screen from scratches and scuffs.

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet case is available for the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max and costs $69. It comes in Monaco Blue, Tan, Black, and Burgundy.

Limitless 5.0 by Mous

The Limitless 5.0 is compatible with all MagSafe accessories and chargers. It has a variety of backplates to choose from and features floating buttons for effortless use, ridged edges for a secure grip, and a microfibre lining to safeguard the phone's glass back. A raised ridge also protects the camera, and the phone is shielded from damage by AiroShock technology, which absorbs impacts from drops, bumps, and scrapes.

Limitless 5.0 by Mous

Featuring two lanyard connections to enable compatibility with phone slings, Limitless 5.0's long-lasting construction is designed to keep your phone secure and look good while doing it - and for 2023, brand-new Atlantic Blue and Forest Green colors are available for Pro and Pro Max devices.

Buy at Mous

Pick up a Limitless 5.0 case from Mous for $59.99.

Ultra Bounce Case by Casetify

The Ultra Bounce iPhone case provides a perfect balance between protection and style for your smartphone. It is made with exclusive EcoShock material to ensure impressive durability. The case offers 32.8ft drop protection, which is ten times better than the Military Standard. Whether you frequently slip or accidentally drop your iPhone, the Ultra Bounce case guarantees your phone remains well-protected.

Casetify Ultra Bounce Case

The case has a raised camera ring and lens cover to protect the lens from scratches and scuffs. It is designed exclusively for MagSafe, making it compatible with wireless charging, adding convenience to your daily routine. The Ultra Bounce is also available in a sleek black finish, featuring an antimicrobial coating for added hygiene.

Buy at Casetify

The Ultra Bounce case is available from Casetify for $110.

The Phone Case by Bellroy

The Phone Case from Bellroy stands as one of the slimmest options in their product lineup, combining leather for a tactile feel, polymer for device protection, and an exceptionally thin form factor.

Bellroy's Phone Case in Colbalt

It has been reintroduced to meet the demand for compatibility with the iPhone 15. The primary focus during its design process has been on achieving a minimalist and unobtrusive appearance, with an emphasis on simplicity and clean lines to preserve its slim profile while maintaining a high standard of device protection.

Buy at Bellroy

The Phone Case is available in Terracotta, Black, Everglade, and Cobalt for $59.

The Phone Case - 3 Card by Bellroy

Bellroy's Phone Case - 3 Card has undergone significant updates and redesigns. It features enhanced card access, optimizing the balance between leather and polymer materials, incorporating color-matched aluminum buttons. Bellboy has also further integrated the magnetic trapdoor into the leather-wrapped shell. This design evolution represents a substantial change in the case's aesthetics and functionality.

Bellroy's Phone Case - 3 Card in Colbalt

It offers a particularly leather-friendly experience, boasting a softer texture for improved grip, while maintaining robust protection due to the inclusion of polymer corners, strategically placed to absorb impact forces.

Buy at Bellroy

The Phone Case - 3 Card is available in Terracotta, Black, Everglade, and Cobalt, with a retail price of $79.

Mod Phone Case + Wallet by Bellroy

The Mod Phone Case + Wallet is a versatile combination featuring a magnetic rail system, offering customers the flexibility to opt for a slim phone case for use at home or during wireless charging.

Bellroy's Mod Phone Case + Wallet in Everglade

Alternatively, it enables users to switch to a phone and wallet system when they are on the go and require access to their daily cards.

Buy at Bellroy

The Mod Phone Case + Wallet is available for the iPhone 15 Pro and comes in Terracotta, Black, Everglade, and Cobalt. Prices come in at $95 for the iPhone 15 Pro and $99 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Totallee Super Thin and Clear Grip cases

Totallee is ready for the iPhone 15 Pro launch with a lineup of new cases. The Clear Grip case and Super Thin case provide a range of options for customers.

The Clear Grip case provides protection with 0.04 inch clear "extra grip, anti-slip" material. A raised lip around the camera bump provides extra protection for those exposed components.

Totallee Super Thin case color options

The Super Thin case is built to get out of the way. It's ultra thin at 0.02 inches and weighs only 0.1 ounces.

Totallee offers both MagSafe and non-MagSafe versions of these cases. Colors are only available on non-MagSafe options.

Buy at Totallee

The iPhone 15 Pro Super Thin case is $39 and is available in clear, blue, green, red, frosted clear, and frosted black. The MagSafe option is $45 and is available in frosted clear and black.

The same color options and configurations are available for the iPhone 15 Pro Max on the Totallee website. They are priced the same at $39 for the Super Thin and $45 for the Super Thin with MagSafe.

Get the iPhone 15 Pro Clear Grip case for $39. The MagSafe option is $45.

Get the iPhone 15 Pro Max Clear Grip case for $39. The MagSafe option is also $45.

WaterField EDC Organizer and Pouch

Instead of a case, WaterField has revealed two iPhone carrying pouches to make packing and travel more simple. While this will work with any iPhone, it is launching as an accessory for the iPhone 15 lineup.

Waterfield EDC Pouch and EDC Pocket Organizer

The EDC Pocket Organizer is the smaller of the two products. It can stow the iPhone 15, a power cable, and a handful of other accessories.

Buy at WaterField Designs

The EDC Pouch is the larger product with space for a handful of daily essentials like a passport and cash. The extra zippered compartment makes the EDC Pouch great for travel.

Both the EDC Pouch and EDC Pocket Organizer have hidden slots for an AirTag.

Get the EDC Pocket Organizer for $69 in blue, slate, green, black, or white. The EDC Pouch has the same color options for $59.

Luxe Snap by Zagg

The Luxe Snap iPhone 15 case is a MagSafe-compatible solution engineered to provide reliable protection for your phone, proven to withstand drops of up to 10 feet. Its comfortable grip and smooth, soft surface enhance the overall user experience, while the slim design ensures easy pocketability.

Zagg's Luxe Snap in Plum

Buy at Zagg

Made with up to 95% post-consumer recycled plastic, the Luxe Snap is offered in an array of six stylish colors: green, blue, watermelon, plum, black, and clear. Available from Zagg for $39.99.

Crystal Palace Snap with Kickstand by Zagg

The Crystal Palace Snap with Kickstand offers robust protection for your device, tested and verified to withstand drops of up to 13 feet. The inclusion of graphene further fortifies its resilience. This case boasts a crystal-clear design with a scratch-resistant surface and anti-yellowing properties, ensuring long-lasting clarity and protection.

Crystal Palace Snap with Kickstand by Zagg

This phone case has a kickstand for hands-free video watching, MagSafe compatibility, and is made from up to 70% recycled materials. It has comfortable rounded edges, an antimicrobial treatment, and is slim and easy to carry.

Buy at Zagg

The Crystal Palace Snap with Kickstand is avialable from Zagg and costs $54.99

Presidio 2 Pro MagSafe with ClickLock by Speck

The Presidio 2 Pro MagSafe with ClickLock case incorporates innovative features that prioritize both protection and sustainability. With Presidio 2 Armor Cloud technology offering 13-foot drop protection and the addition of ClickLock Interlock no-slip technology, this case ensures reliable safeguarding for your device.

Presidio 2 by Speck

Comprising 50% recycled plastics, it demonstrates a commitment to eco-friendly materials while also integrating Microban antimicrobial product protection, enhancing overall hygiene. Designed to seamlessly work with all Apple MagSafe accessories, this case combines practicality and eco-consciousness for an optimal user experience.

Buy at Speck

These cases undergo real-world testing to withstand drops of up to 13 feet, providing confidence in your device's protection. Furthermore, the soft-touch coating not only enhances handfeel but also offers scratch resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and usability.

Available from Speck for $49.95

RingLax by Jsaux

The Jsaux RingLax iPhone Case offers an array of versatile features designed to enhance your mobile experience. It functions as both a stand and a finger ring, providing hands-free convenience and a secure phone grip. The case also incorporates a strong magnetic suction function to support wireless charging, ensuring seamless compatibility with MagSafe chargers and other Qi wireless chargers. The RingLax magnetic ring fusion technology amplifies the magnetic force, making charging faster and safer while reducing overall charging time.

RingLax by Jsaux

The phone case offers military-grade protection against drops, having passed rigorous drop tests. It has a 4-in-1 unibody shockproof back with airbag cushioning, ensuring that your phone is safe from everyday drops and bumps. The metal buttons are designed to feel like the original phone's buttons, and the semi-transparent back panel improves the case's fashionability while still providing a comfortable grip for a well-rounded user experience.

Buy at Jsaux

Available in pink and black colorways from Jsaux for $29.99.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Leather Flip Case by Torro

The iPhone 15 Pro Max Leather Flip Case by Torro is handcrafted from premium top-grain cowhide leather sourced from US tanneries. The case undergoes minimal treatment to preserve its innate qualities.

Leather Flip Case by Torro

Designed for advanced protection, the flip cover incorporates a sturdy inner frame engineered for shock absorption, ensuring your device remains safeguarded against accidental drops and bumps. With practicality in mind, the case is equipped to hold up to two cards and features a precise cutout that allows you to charge your iPhone even when the case is closed.

Buy at Torro

Additionally, the raised lip around the edge of the frame provides an extra layer of protection for the screen, ensuring your iPhone 15 Pro Max remains well-protected while looking stylish.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max Leather Flip Case is available in black with red detail for $51.00.

iPhone 15 Pro Leather Wallet Case by Torro

The Torro iPhone 15 Pro Leather Wallet Case is a well-crafted and functional option for those seeking a blend of style and utility. Using high-quality cowhide leather sourced from reputable US tanneries, the leather is treated minimally to maintain its natural features and beauty.

Wallet Case by Torro

This case is designed to provide top-notch protection for your iPhone 15 Pro. The reinforced geometric air pockets make it shock-absorbent and reliable. The soft microfibre lining and raised camera lip add extra layers of protection, ensuring your phone stays safe. The built-in stand feature makes it easy to watch movies or make video calls without any hassle. Additionally, the wallet case can hold up to three credit cards and has a spacious compartment for banknotes, making it both practical and stylish.

Buy at Torro

The iPhone 15 Pro Max Leather Wallet Case is available in black with red detail for $51.00.

OtterBox Fre Series for MagSafe

The Otterbox Fre series case offers a reliable blend of protection and functionality for your device. With built-in magnets that firmly snap to MagSafe chargers and accessories, it ensures seamless compatibility and efficient charging. The case is designed to provide exceptional waterproofing, with a WaterProof+ rating certifying its water resistance up to two meters for up to an hour. Thanks to built-in gaskets, the case securely seals when snapped together, safeguarding your device from potential water damage.

Fre by Otterbox

Additionally, a pressure-fitted gasket protects charging ports, further enhancing its durability. Including a built-in screen protector and port covers ensures comprehensive 360-degree protection. You can easily attach a lanyard or wristlet to the case for added convenience and drop prevention. With its blend of protective features, the Fre series case by Otterbox provides peace of mind while keeping your device functional and secure.

Buy at OtterBox

The Fre Series is available from Otterbox for $99.95, and comes in pink, yellow, and black.

Monarch Pro Kevlar For MagSafe by UAG

The UAG Monarch Pro Kevlar For MagSafe is designed to offer strong protection for your device. It has five layers of defense that use DuPont Kevlar Material, a trusted industry leader. This system helps keep your new iPhone safe from different external risks. The case also has a MagSafe module built-in, which works smoothly with Apple Pay.

Monarch Pro Kevlar For MagSafe by UAG

This case has a traction grip and oversized buttons that make it easy to use while also keeping your device secure in your hand. It also has a lanyard anchor so you can keep your device close by. With a 25-foot drop protection, this case will keep your device safe even in tough situations, giving you peace of mind.

Buy at UAG

The Monarch Pro Kevlar case is available exclusively for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in green, black, and silver and costs $99.95.

Other cases by UAG

UAG has a wide variety of rugged cases for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Monarch Pro line has rugged 5-layer protection while Pathfinder has an ultra-lightweight shell and a strong MagSafe connection.


For iPhone 15 Pro Max:

For iPhone 15 Pro:

Peak Design

The Peak Design Everyday case with Slimlink and MagSafe is available for iPhone 15 Pro. It is made from a nylon canvas fabric on the back and the edges are a rubber shock-absorbing bumper.

Peak Design

Buy at Peak Design

The Everyday case for iPhone 15 Pro Max is $49.95 on Peak Design's website and is available in charcoal, midnight, sun, redwood, and sage colors. It is available in the same colors for iPhone 15 Pro for $49.95.


ESR is ready for the iPhone 15 Pro launch with three new MagSafe case lines with Stash Stands. These cases protect your device while adding utility with a fold-away stand.


The Classic Hybrid MagSafe case is a clear case with military-grade protection and 1,500g of holding force. The iPhone 15 Pro Max case is available on Amazon at $32.99 for the clear option and $37.99 for the clear blue or clear black options.

The Cloud Soft MagSafe case is like the Classic case but made from opaque, soft touch material and has a 1,200g holding force. The iPhone 15 Pro Max version costs $33.99 in black or $37.99 in blue or tan on Amazon.

Get the iPhone 15 Pro version of the Cloud Soft or Classic case starting at $27.99 on Amazon.

ESR's Armor Tough MagSafe Case is made with a 2-part design and includes a screen protector. Get this rugged case for $32.99 for the clear black option or $37.99 for the clear blue or frosted clear options on Amazon.