Custom diamond-encrusted $10,500 iPhone X available from European luxury vendor

By Roger Fingas

Luxury accessory maker Hadoro is now selling customized versions of the iPhone X in which the original glass back has been completely replaced with expensive designs and materials.

Options start at 4,500 euros, or about $5,277, for units with materials like gold, graphite, or alligator leather. At the extreme, buyers can spend as much as 8,900 euros -- $10,436 -- on cases with real diamonds.

Some other materials used include marble, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and sapphire glass.

One of the costliest mods, using real diamonds.

Each modification is based on an unlocked, 256-gigabyte iPhone X, which normally costs $1,149 before taxes, extended warranty, or accessories. Needless to say, the modifications void the Apple warranty, and service must be performed through Hadoro.

Since its Beats takeover in 2014 and the Apple Watch premiere in 2015, Apple has often marketed its products as much as fashion items as practical goods. The company has backed away from some of its most extravagant efforts -- namely the first-generation Apple Watch Edition, which used real gold and could cost as much as $17,000 while having the exact same functions as the cheapest Watch models.

The Series 3 version of the Edition costs $1,299, using a toughened ceramic case instead of gold.

Smartphones aimed at the super-rich are not uncommon. Recently a $4,000 gold iPhone X was launched to capitalize on the wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle, while a $4,500 product includes its own solar panel.