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Apple adds new "App Store Notes" section to select iOS title descriptions

A select number of featured apps on the iOS App Store are seeing a new section titled "App Store Notes," with the top box containing a short blurb in which Apple offers its take on the software.

App Store Notes

While the new feature hasn't rolled out across the board, notes MacRumors, a few featured and top-rated apps now contain the App Store Notes section as part of the Details tab, making it one of the first things users see when browsing titles. Previously, screenshots of the app were located at the top of Details, followed by a developer description, patch notes and basic specification information.

An example of the change can be seen in the above screenshot of Apple's latest "Editor's Choice" app Vine, the Twitter-owned video clip-sharing service that launched on Thursday.

App Store Notes for Vine:
We can't decide what's more fun: shooting and sharing our own six-second splices of life or browsing the loopy video creations of others. Whatever the answer, our interest is piqued by this innovative combination of short-form video creation and social networking.

Interestingly, App Store Notes do not show up on a selected app's iTunes preview page or the desktop iTunes client, though this might change as the new feature continues its rollout in the following weeks.