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Apple wins 3G patent battle with Samsung in UK court ruling

Apple this week secured another patent win over rival Samsung, this time in a U.K. court over a standard-essential patent related to 3G connectivity.

Samsung had attempted to assert that Apple's products infringe on patents it owns, but Judge Christopher Floyd ruled in London that Apple did not infringe, according to ZDNet. The case involved 3G patents related to the way devices send and receive data over a wireless network.

Apple and Samsung phones

In filing the lawsuit, Samsung had hoped to take about 2.5 percent in royalties from Apple's 3G-enabled devices — a demand that intellectual property expert Florian Mueller characterized as "ridiculous."

He also noted that Apple has successfully fought off 24 standard-essential patent claims by Samsung, while the South Korean company has prevailed on three standard-essential patents, with two of those cases in its home country.

Samsung responded to the ruling by saying officials are "disappointed" by the decision. The company plans to review the judgment before deciding whether to appeal.

The legal battles between Samsung and Apple began in April of 2011, when Apple sued Samsung and accused the company of copying the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad with its own smartphones and tablets. Samsung has fired back with its own complaints, and the two companies are now embroiled in dozens of lawsuits that span around the globe.

Apple's accusations of copying have not prevented Samsung from introducing similar products. Last month, the South Korean handset maker introduced a new application for its devices called "Wallet," which bears numerous similarities to Apple's Passbook, including the design of the icon.