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Apple brings customizable geofencing to Find My Friends in update

In a minor update to its iOS device-finding Find My Friends app, Apple has added a slightly tweaked user interface for searching and setting notifications based on proximate location, bringing the title up to version 2.1.

Find My Friends

With the new Find My Friends version, the app's "Notify Me" page now features a customizable boundary, or geofencing, option that can be expanded or contracted around a located iOS device. Users can adjust the monitored area around a device by selecting the "Change Location" button, which resets the geofencing threshold to allow for more accurate location-based notifications.

With the added functionality, users can select and manipulate the purple circle representing the geofencing around a tracked device, giving a bit more customization to the previous set threshold.

In addition, the notification page's UI has been slightly tweaked to show an Apple Maps thumbnail image of a device's current location.

Find My Friends is available as a free universal download from the App Store and requires iOS 6.1 to run.