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Tuesday, August 06, 2013, 01:57 pm PT (04:57 pm ET)

Apple releases Xcode 5 Developer Preview 5 with minor improvements

Alongside Tuesday's seed of Apple's iOS 7 beta, the company also pushed out the latest Xcode 5 Developer Preview, the fifth such release for the coding tool.

Xcode 5

As with the previous Xcode 5 release, the fifth Developer Preview comes with the usual fixes and performance buffs, though bugs still remain ahead of the software's public debut.

According to people familiar with the fifth Xcode 5 preview, Apple has done work on a new navigator and test categories for Testing, bot creation and management in Continuous Integration, as well as real-time CPU, energy use, iCloud and OpenGL data in Debugger.

In addition, Interface Builder gets iOS 7 support, while Source Control and Version Editor introduces a new workflow design. Finally, Compiler receives a new Auto Vectorizer tool. Xcode 5's user interface and experience has also been slightly tweaked.

Developers can download the current preview, with a more complete list of new assets, from Apple's Development Center.