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Sheriffs use Apple's Find My iPhone to track down missing child

Houston sheriffs successfully nabbed a would-be kidnapper and car thief using the Find My iPhone feature found on Apple's iOS devices.

As a 5-year-old boy waited for his father in the family's SUV outside a Houston, Tex., liquor store on Monday night, a would-be car thief jumped in the driver's seat and took off, ABC 13 reported on Tuesday. After contacting the authorities, the father began tracking the stolen vehicle.

"The father had an iPad that he'd taken in with him and he utilized that iPad with the iPhone that was in the car and was able to track it," Lt. Wayne Schultz of the Harris County Constable's Office said.

The constables on scene then relayed the information to the Harris County Sheriff's office, who distributed the information to their deputies in near-real time. Deputies eventually caught up with the SUV and returned the child to his family unharmed.