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Dell, Lenovo, Asus debut more affordable 4K monitors

This year's Consumer Electronics Show has been a boon for buyers awaiting an affordably-priced entry into the world of ultra-high definition monitors, with several manufacturers unveiling sub-$1,000 4K displays.

Pro Parts

Apple's new Mac Pro can drive up to 3 4K monitors

The price drops come as the market for 4K desktop displays begins to gain steam — Apple's Haswell-based MacBook Pros support 4K output over Thunderbolt, and the company's all-new Mac Pro can drive up to 3 of the ultra-high resolution monitors. For readers looking to make the leap, AppleInsider has rounded up this week's more affordable announcements.

Dell 2815Q

Dell 2815Q

Dell's newest 28-inch display is actually the company's third entry into the 4K arena, but its previous efforts — a $1,299 24 inch model and $3,322 32-inch variant — bore premium price tags. The 2815Q, according to a report from Forbes, will cost consumers just $699.

The new 28-inch model sports a 3840 x 2160 pixel anti-glare TN panel, in contrast to the IGZO parts found on its more expensive siblings. Connectivity includes DisplayPort in and out, HDMI, and a built-in USB hub. Availability is still unknown.

Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m

Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m

Lenovo's ThinkVision Pro2840m is another 28-inch, 3840 x 2160 display mounted on a tilt and swivel stand. Lenovo has not specified the type of panel used on the professionally-targeted monitor, but the company does tout a 72 percent color gamut.

The Pro2840m also features touch-sensitive controls and edge-to-edge cover glass. DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, and HDMI ports provide video connectivity, while a USB hub and dual built-in speakers round out the $799 device. Lenovo expects to begin shipping the Pro2840m in April.

Asus PB287Q

Asus PB287Q

Asus's PB287Q mirrors its competition with a 28-inch, 3840 x 2160 panel. The display does boast the quickest response time of any other sub-$1,000 unit released thus far at just 1ms, and sports a native 60Hz refresh rate.

Taipei, Taiwan-based Asus says the PB287Q will ship in the second quarter of 2014 for $799.