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Prague's unofficial 'Apple Museum' boasts rare items among 472 exhibits

Prague's newly opened "Apple Museum" claims to be the largest private exhibition of its kind, featuring rare items like the Macintosh TV, Steve Jobs business cards from NeXT and Pixar, and an Apple Lisa.

Credit: Reddit user "elirunning85"

Photos from the museum were shared earlier this month by Reddit user "elirunning85." Tickets to the Czech Republic location are priced at 11 euros, or about $12 U.S.

The official website for the Apple Museum notes that Prague is the "first city" where visitors can see the exhibition, suggesting that it may travel elsewhere in the future. It features a range of fully functioning Apple computers ranging from 1976 until 2012.

Credit: Reddit user "elirunning85"

The museum is located in historical buildings near Husova and Karlova streetsin Prague's old town. It's also planning to add a restaurant dubbed "Steven's Food" that will feature vegan raw foods apparently preferred by Jobs himself.

Credit: Reddit user "elirunning85"

In all, there are 472 exhibits on display, according to Ars Technica. Proceeds from the museum are donated to charity, according to the official website.