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It's World Backup Day! Here are the best iCloud alternatives for backing up your Mac

In honor of World Backup Day, we're rounding up the best backup alternatives to Apple's iCloud service to keep your data safe and secure.

In the event of a hardware failure or software corruption, the last thing you want is to lose important data. The backup services below offer a variety of storage solutions for Mac users to create secure backups for machines on a personal level all the way up to corporate networks.

Carbonite for Mac

Carbonite backup for Mac

Known for offering backup solutions for Windows, Carbonite recently unveiled Mac backup plans, which feature unlimited cloud storage for one computer (servers are excluded), so there's no need to worry about running out of space. There are three plans to choose from: Basic, Plus and Prime, with prices starting at $59.99 per year and running up to $149.99 per year. The Plus and Prime plans offer more sophisticated features, such as external hard drive and automatic video backup. If you're faced with downtime, the Prime subscription also includes courier recovery service to have a copy of your backup shipped to you. For users looking to back up large amounts of data with the option to set up automatic backups, Carbonite offers a robust solution to protect from drive failure, especially when critical data is on the line.

Carbonite Basic for $59.99 per year (Free 15-day trial)
Carbonite Plus for $99.99 per year (Free 15-day trial)
Carbonite Prime for $149.99 per year (Free 15-day trial)


IDrive backup for Mac

For those looking to back up multiple types of devices, IDrive offers storage options ranging from a free 5GB account up to a 1.25TB IDrive Business subscription. Subscribers can also back up external hard drives and NAS devices with access via web browser, as well as iOS and Android apps. There are two paid subscriptions to choose from: Personal and Business, with a 25% instant discount for the first year. With the discount, the standard Personal plan rings in at $52.12 for 1TB, while the basic Business plan costs $74.62 and includes 250GB for the first year.

IDrive Basic for Free
IDrive Personal 1TB for $52.12 per year (25% off first year)
IDrive Personal 10TB for $374.62 per year (25% off first year)
IDrive Business 250GB for $74.62 per year (25% off first year)


Backblaze backup for Mac

Backblaze's online backup solution checks off several key features. It offers unlimited storage, it's Mac-compatible and it's pretty affordable, with monthly plans costing $5 per month per computer. Those willing to be billed annually will save even more, with two-year plans ringing in at $3.96 per month ($95 billed). The company, which consists of multiple ex-Apple employees, built Backblaze's cloud backup for Mac using Xcode. Users looking to try out the service can also take advantage of a free 15-day trial before committing to a paid plan.

Monthly Plan for $5.00 per month * (Free 15-day trial)
1-Year Plan for $50.00 * (Free 15-day trial)
2-Year Plan for $95.00 * (Free 15-day trial)
* Prices are per computer.


CrashPlan backup for Macs

Like Carbonite, CrashPlan's Central cloud plans offer unlimited storage —and CrashPlan will not charge extra to restore files. The company also uses 448-bit encryption with a private key option for added security. CrashPlan's data centers also comply with military-grade security standards for further protection in the event of a catastrophe, and subscribers can use the free mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices) for easy access to files in your online backup.

Individual Plan for $5.99 per month
Family Plan for $12.99 per month
Business Plan for $10.00 per month per computer