Apple says water bottle logo 'nearly identical' to its own, objects to trademark

By William Gallagher

Apple is again opposing the trademarking of another company's logo on the grounds that it can readily be confused with its own.

Georgette LLC's apple logo

Following its opposition to a Norwegian political party's logo, and its successful trademark dispute with Prepare, Apple is again objecting to a logo design. It has filed a notice of opposition before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board over Georgette LLC's apple-shaped mark for its bottled water business.

Georgette LLC's logo consists of a whole apple, not one with a bite taken out, and with the words "I am Arcus" written across it. Apple says that this mark "features a stylized apple design with a right-angled, detached leaf, rendering it visually similar to Apple's famous Apple Marks."

Apple's filing includes a side-by-side comparison of the two logos, plus an image overlaying the two. "Indeed, the overall shape of [Georgette LLC's] apple design is nearly identical to the shape of the Apple Logo," says the filing.

Detail from Apple's opposition filing showing the two logos side by side, plus overlaid to the same size

"In light of the fame of the Apple Marks," it continues, "consumers encountering Applicant's Mark are likely to believe Applicant's Goods offered under Applicant's Mark are associated with, or approved, endorsed, or provided by Apple."

Apple further objects to the use of this logo because it's intended to be used on water bottles, amongst other products. "Since long before Applicant's filing date, Apple has offered identical and/or highly related goods and services under its Apple Marks," says the filing.

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