Alogic Matrix system review: MagSafe-compatible modular charging

By Andrew O'Hara

Alogic is trying to simplify the convoluted world of charging with its new Matrix platform that all works together with a removable MagSafe-compatible battery pack, but it comes at a pretty steep cost.

Alogic Matrix charging system

The idea is simple: these days, you need power where you are. Be it at home, at work, in the car, or just while out for the night.

It's convenient to have your charger where you are and not tethered to an outlet. That's how the Matrix system came to be.

The whole system uses various docks that all house a removable magnetic battery pack you can slide out and bring along. By keeping the battery docked, it's always charged when you need it.

Alogic Matrix battery

The Matrix battery pack is crucial to the Alogic Matrix charging system as the common component between the different docks. It houses a 5,000mAh battery that can charge both wired or wireless devices.

A 5,000mAh capacity is typical for these chargers, though others on the market reach 10,000mAh. It feels slightly on the large side for the capacity, but its modularity makes up for it.

Matrix battery pack on iPhone

It will charge any Qi-enabled device wireless, including your AirPods or iPhone. Recent iPhones will connect magnetically, though it doesn't officially support MagSafe.

That means iPhones will only power up at 7.5W versus MagSafe, which supports 15W.

Alogic battery

You slot the pack into any Matrix charger to top it off, though you can alternatively power it up over USB-C. The bottom of the battery pack has four points that make contact with corresponding pins inside the various Matrix docks.

The battery pack contact pins

That gives you plenty of choice in how and when to charge your battery pack. It also gives you flexibility in what you charge since you can charge other devices over Qi or USB-C.

These pogo pins charge the battery pack

It even supports two devices at once. We tried placing our iPhone down and connecting an Apple Watch via the Matrix USB-C module and both got charged, though you'll limit how much juice your iPhone gets when you split it up.

Alogic Matrix Apple Watch puck

Speaking of the Matrix Apple Watch charging puck, it's a small, Apple-certified, USB-C module that you can connect to any free port you have handy.

Alogic Matrix Apple Watch puck

It could be the 3-in-1 charging dock, the magnetic battery pack, the port on your iPad, or the side of your Mac. It's so tiny it's perfect for travel and doesn't require a lengthy cable.

We've seen other adapters like this from others, but very few are USB-C.

Alogic Matrix Apple Watch puck on the three-in-one charger

Unfortunately, speed is lacking here. it only supports 2W of charging on Apple Watch, and it doesn't support fast charging on Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Series 7, or Apple Watch Ultra.

Alogic Matrix 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 chargers

Alogic offers both a 2-in-1 and a 3-in-1 desktop charger, depending on your needs. The 2-in-1 can charge your iPhone in the front with the battery pack and a set of AirPods in the back on a small recessed Qi charging pad.

Alogic Matrix 3-in-1 charging stand

The 3-in-1 is the same but adds a USB-C port on the side. You can use the USB-C port to plug in other devices or connect the aforementioned Matrix Apple Watch puck bundled in the box.

We wear our Apple Watch to bed so it was more beneficial to use a 2-in-1 charger bedside and put the Apple Watch model on our desk for topping off during the day.

Alogic Matrix 3-in-1 charging stand from the back

Alogic includes a braided USB-C cable and a 30W USB-C power brick in the box with these chargers, meaning you don't need to provide your own. Since USB-C is so open, you could swap in a longer cord or a multi-port power brick if you'd prefer.

It comes in a black or white version, with us testing the latter. The only parts that change are the charging surface and the back color, as the body remains silver regardless.

Alogic Matrix 3-in-1 charging stand from the side

In use, this charger has been a fantastic addition to our kit. We love how easy it is to charge up our iPhone at our desk, rotate it sideways to watch a video, or grab the battery on the way out the door if we didn't power up enough to begin with.

Alogic Matrix Car Charger

Alogic has created a capable car charger for its Matrix system, marrying a portable battery with an especially strong vent mount.

Alogic Matrix car charger

The Matrix vent mount car charger doesn't clip onto vents in typical fashion, but rather has an adjustable hook that grips the vent blades from behind. You twist the knob behind the mounting plate which extends and retracts the clip.

Alogic Matrix car charger side view

We extended it out, slipped it between the vent blades, then tightened it onto a blade near the top. Once fully tightened, it was very secure and held our iPhone without issue.

Alogic Matrix car charger powering our iPhone

Because it too holds the magnetic battery pack, it's on the bulkier side and may not be ideal for tight cars. Not all vents work either, so be sure you have horizontal blades it can clip onto before buying.

Alogic Matrix car charger

Of all the Matrix chargers, this one hit home closest for us. We take a lot of short trips in the car and this is perfectly designed to allow us to remove the battery once we get there and continue charging.

Should you buy into the Alogic Matrix system?

The thing with modular systems is that they're best when you fully buy into their systems, so you can move seamlessly from one charger to the next.

But Alogic has created a well-balanced system that is as open as it is contained. You can pick up just one Matrix charger -- like the 3-in-1 desk charger -- and be perfectly happy with its removable watch charger and removable battery pack.

We love that you don't have to buy five other products, but if you like one, you have that option. Plus, each of the individual devices includes its own battery pack so you can end up with three or four batteries that you can rotate through.

All the various Alogic Matrix charging devices

Our biggest gripe is, unsurprisingly, the fact that these aren't using official MagSafe components. That means the speed won't be quite as good as it could be, but since you can just take the battery out of the chargers and bring it with you, it offsets that a bit.

Whether you need a portable MagSafe battery, a desk charger, a car charger, or a watch charger, the Alogic Matrix system has you covered -- at home or on the go.

Alogic Matrix -- Pros

Alogic Matrix -- Cons

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

Find the expanding Alogic Matrix charging system on the company's website. The wireless power bank will set you back $59.99, the Apple Watch charging puck is $46.99, the car charger is $59.99, the 2-in-1 dock is $99.99, and the 3-in-1 charging dock will run you $149.99.