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Apple Music down for some listeners, asking others to resubscribe [u]

Some Apple Music listeners are currently experiencing serious problems with the service, including not being able to stream anything at all, according to numerous grievances on Twitter. [Updated]

This may include both the regular on-demand streams and Beats 1 radio, some of the complaints indicate. In the iOS Music app people are encountering a splash screen asking them to sign up, even though they're already paid subscribers. People who try to sign up regardless may be told they're already members, yet still find themselves unable to listen.

iTunes users are running into related error messages.

Apple's System Status tracker doesn't show any problems, although there was a disruption with the iTunes Store earlier in the day.

Along those lines, Apple has yet to publicly acknowledge the Apple Music issues or suggest when they might be fixed. A temporary workaround for the splash screen problem may involve force-quitting the Music app.

Although Apple Music has reportedly topped 10 million subscribers, the service still has some rough edges, which Apple has been working to remedy.

Update: Troubles have been resolved for at least some listeners.