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MasterCard brings back free Monday rides for Londoners using Apple Pay

MasterCard on Thursday announced the return of a promotion letting people ride the Transport for London network for free or at a discount each Monday, so long as they pay for their trips using Apple Pay.

The new promotion will run Feb. 29 through March 14, and cover most TfL services, the main exceptions being the Thames Clipper River Bus, and National Rail services without a yellow card reader. MasterCard said it will refund a rider up to £28.10 per each Monday.

As before, people will have to touch in and touch out using an Apple Pay-ready device with NFC. Currently that includes the iPhone 6/6 Plus, the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, and the Apple Watch. People must also have a U.K. MasterCard.

The original promotion spanned Nov. 23 through Dec. 14.

The deal's return is presumably meant to spark more interest in using Apple Pay. Apple hasn't said how popular the service is in the U.K., but it has sounded a positive note about the service's adoption in the United States.