Apple Set to Refresh Cinema Display Product Line

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Revisions to Apple's Cinema Display product line have been rumored since early June, though few details surfaced in the months that followed. At the beginning of the year, the company dropped its 22" model, only to replace it with a modernistic 20" display. Currently, Apple offers Cinema Displays in 17", 20" and 23" High-Definition flavors.

According to reliable sources, Apple is once again poised to refresh its display offerings. Expected to make their debut along with other Apple hardware offerings in November, the display line will include a new 30" High-Definition (HD) display, sources said. The product line will retain 20" and 23" HD models, but will reportedly shed its 17" counterpart.

Along with USB 2.0 ports, stunning color, and faster refresh rates, the new displays will sport an aluminum motif consisting of less body and more screen, sources said. The units will reportedly feature improvements to their versatility and weigh much less than the current models.

The company is also working on a revised DVI to ADC adapter for the new displays, which an previous report targets for an 'Early November' release. Around the same time, Apple is expected to debut a set of redesigned iBook consumer laptops and revamp its eMac all-in-one desktops.

Sources are anticipating a brief Apple media event to formally unveil the new products, though they have yet to receive a specific date. Meanwhile, the company recently added software support for the new displays to its Panther operating system, including a set of wide-resolution desktop images to support the new 30" HD display.


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