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Apple preps iTunes 7.5 for November release


A new version of Apple Inc.'s iTunes media software due as early as next week will deliver a number of small refinements, but is not expected to introduce any major new features, AppleInsider has learned.

Due for release as iTunes 7.5, the software update will offer increased stability and better management of duplicate song and video entries, people familiar with the matter say.

Apple also hopes the new version will ease troubles faced by some iTunes Store customers while attempting to upgrade certain standard iTunes tracks to iTunes Plus versions.

Users of the current version of iTunes have experienced an issue where iTunes Plus upgrades cause the software to hang indefinitely following data downloads, eventually requiring a force quit.

iTunes 7.5 will simultaneously be made available for users of Microsoft's XP and Vista Widnows operating systems and include better troubleshooting methods.

The software is currently in late beta and targeted for a release within the next week, as it is also expected to bundle support for the UK and German versions of iPhone. However, those familiar with the matter say plans for critical software releases such as iTunes are often subject to change, which could push the release out by a few additional days.

Nonetheless, iTunes 7.5 should be available by mid-month at the latest.