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AT&T once again hiring retail temps for June

In what is becoming an identifiable pattern, AT&T is once again on the prowl for temp workers to bolster its ranks for a 'mystery' campaign during the early summer.

A call has been put out through the Kelly Services temp agency that will see workers join AT&T's wireless division as greeters for a project known only as "Summer Project Pro."

While scarce on details of what the position entails, the request is a near-mirror of the cellular provider's efforts for the iPhone launch last year and hints that the company expects a repeat sales rush for a next-generation product this year.

In June of 2007, AT&T hired short-term workers for what ultimately amounted to crowd control. The new hires steered customers quickly through retail stores to ensure that all buyers, iPhone or otherwise, were well-treated regardless of the added store traffic.

Like the earlier plan, the latest recruiting drive also provides a familiar two-month work span for successful candidates. Work would begin on June 16th and end almost exactly three months later, on August 16th.

Kelly Services e-mail

However, veterans of the 2007 campaign note that this doesn't necessarily point to the release of a new iPhone at the very start of that period. Temporary workers hired last year needed about a week of training before they began work in earnest, those experienced with past efforts say.

If so, the hiring campaign will swell the numbers of AT&T store staff and put enforcers on the ground during the last week of June —or during the same approximate timeframe as the iPhone's first birthday.

ATT Security Guard