Briefly: 8AM iPhone rumor; iTunes TV shows for Oz; iPhone 3G parts

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There's a possibility Apple and AT&T may launch the iPhone 3G on the morning of July 11th rather than in the evening. Meanwhile, Austalians woke up this morning to a new iTunes TV service offering. And a more detailed component list from iSuppli's "virtual" iPhone 3G teardown is now available.

iPhone 3G could launch at 8:00 a.m.

There's an unsupported rumor floating around that AT&T store managers are being told that the July 11th iPhone 3G launch will kick off at 8:00 a.m. local time, rather than 6:00 p.m. like last year.

Unfortunately, the rumor is based off a single tip that several publications are working to confirm, but hadn't as of press time. Such a move would obviously aim to ease first-day sales lines given that a new activation process will require customers to at least partially activate their new handsets during the point of sale.

Though Apple and its partners have been slow to release information regarding iPhone 3G launch procedures and call plan options, they eventually will and it will and all that information will be presented clearly and concisely for AppleInsider readers. As such, it's recommended that prospective buyers wait arrival of the official details in days ahead rather than get tangled up in rumors.

iTunes Australia adds TV shows

Australia became the latest country to receive TV shows at the iTunes Store on Tuesday. The new section of the local service, which arrived without a formal announcement, contains listings for ABC Studios, Disney, MTV, Nine Network and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; though a number of the shows are American, such as Lost, Scrubs, Pimp My Ride and Hannah Montana. There are also a number of Australian-produced series, such as Sleek Geeks, We Can Be Heroes and McLeod's Daughters.

Unlike the American or UK storefronts, prices at the Australian store are consistent across the board at $2.99 AUS per episode. There are no season passes however, which forces shoppers to buy seasons at costs that may be higher than an equivalent DVD set.

iSuppli's virtual iPhone 3G teardown and BOM

iSuppli revealed today that its widely covered iPhone 3G teardown was performed virtually, "using insights from [its] analysis staff to develop estimates of iPhone content, suppliers and costs.."

"The analysis team consisted of iSuppli’s leading experts in the areas of teardown analysis, semiconductors, displays, mobile handsets, consumer electronics and wireless infrastructure," the firm said in a statement. "iSuppli had planned to withhold any analysis of iPhone content and costs until it had conducted an actual physical teardown of the product. However, due to strong popular demand for information on iPhone costs and pricing, iSuppli has decided to release a preliminary analysis to the public."

The market intelligence firm promises to perform an actual, detailed teardown of the new iPhone’s components and cost structure once the handset becomes available.

In the meantime, a breakdown of the virtual teardown is being provided below. An analysis of the breakdown was presented on Monday.


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