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Apple delays iDisk File Sharing feature of new MobileMe service

Apple has postponed one of the most highly anticipated features of MobileMe in effort to finally get the new suite of internet services up and running, the company has confirmed.

Responding to customer inquirers, "Mike" of Apple's MobileMe Support team affirmed that iDisk File Sharing, which would have allowed subscribers to easily share large files on their iDisk drives through automated email links, was pulled at the last moment.

"When MobileMe was announced, iDisk File Sharing was mentioned as a feature; however, the MobileMe webpage noted that all features listed on that page were subject to change," he wrote in an email. "When MobileMe was released on July 10, 2008, iDisk File Sharing was not included. I apologize for any inconvenience."

Apple's MobileMe website suggests that iDisk File Sharing is still in the cards, however, and may arrive in the coming days or weeks.

"Soon, a new feature in iDisk will make it simple to share files too big for email by automatically sending a message with a simple link that always gets delivered," the website says. "The recipient will just click on the link to download the file."

In the meantime, Apple's MobileMe support team is suggesting that subscribers review this support document, which describes other ways in which MobileMe users can share the contents of their remote iDisks.

While the majority of MobileMe's other features are now finally online after what has been described as a rather confusing and chaotic launch, some of those features appear incomplete or troublesome. In particular, several users are having problems properly syncing their contacts (1, 2, 3) and calendars (1, 2, 3) with the services' new suite of Web apps. Meanwhile, others are having issues uploading files to MobileMe galleries.

Apple's support team appears to be aware of the majority of the problems, and is acknowledging that MobileMe is "still experiencing some slowdowns" in the early going. The company maintains active support and discussion forums dedicated to the new service.