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Briefly: last minute rumors on the AppleInsider blogs

With just hours to go before Apple's 2008 notebook event, several unconfirmed reports have cropped up regarding new Apple part numbers and prices, the MacBook Air, the 17-inch MacBook Pro, Blu-ray drives and more.

Historically, AppleInsider has refrained from publishing these rumors in order to maintain focus on information that we believe is most accurate. However, the recent launch of our Backpage blogs affords us with a forum to present some of the more sound but unconfirmed tips solely for the sake of reader discussion.

Readers can find blog posts on:

  • Eight rumored Apple notebook part numbers and pricing ranging from $899 to $2799.
  • Rumored updates to Best Buy's inventory system listing six new models with color codenames.
  • Rumors about the MacBook Air, 17-inch MacBook Pros, Blu-ray, and video ports.
  • FileMaker to announce Bento 2 as early as Tuesday (this is more of a certainty and less of a rumor).
  • Again, AppleInsider stresses the unconfirmed nature of these reports, which it is publishing solely for reader discussion. Reports of higher conviction have been highlighted on our main page for months, and were recently aggregated in links at the end of this article.

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