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Apple's latest iPhone OS 4 beta adds customizable user dictionary

Users will be able to add and edit their own words to the iPhone's dictionary when Apple delivers the iPhone OS 4 software upgrade to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS this summer.

One of the many minor features set to be added to the iPhone in the latest upgrade was revealed Wednesday by Gizmodo. The custom dictionary will allow users to add their own words and unique spellings, and will automatically recommend those words as users type them.

The new option, "Edit User Dictionary," can be found in the Keyboard section of the handsets Settings application in beta 4 of iPhone OS 4. There, users can press the plus button and add their own words.

This will allow users to bypass the "learning" feature found in previous versions of the iPhone OS, where the software will remember when the user chooses to discard a recommended spelling from the built-in dictionary.

When iPhone OS 4 was formally announced in April, Apple highlighted seven major features in the operating system upgrade. It also noted that the update would pack in more than 100 minor features, but did not go into detail on them.

As new betas of the iPhone OS have trickled out — including the fourth release this week — various new features have been added. Beta 4 includes the ability to view photo camera rolls in landscape, new wallpaper images, an option to turn off MMS messaging, and even suggested that Internet tethering with AT&T could be a part of the new release.