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iOS 'uber hacker' Comex no longer working for Apple


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In a tweet on Thursday, Nicholas Allegra, better known by his hacker handle "Comex," announced that he was no longer interning at Apple, ending a one-year stint at the Cupertino company.

A follow-up tweet explained that Allegra was not fired from Apple, but "forgot to reply to an email," which Fortune discovered to be an offer to continue employment as a remote intern. Comex first joined Apple in August 2011.

“I wasn’t too happy about it, but it didn’t seem like I was able to fix it,” Allegra said, referring to the

rescinded offer. “So that’s what it is.”

The hacker, who gained legendary status by coding iOS jailbreaking tools like JailbreakMe 2 and JailbreakMe 3, admitted that there was a bit more to the story of his departure from Apple, but declined to comment further. Allegra did say, however, that "it wasn't a bad ending," pointing out that he enjoyed his time in Cupertino.

As for the future, Allegra said he plans to concentrate on his studies at Brown University, adding that he may not be returning to the iOS jailbreaking scene any time soon as it is likely to be a breach of his former contract with Apple.