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Samsung pokes fun at Apple lawsuits in Super Bowl teaser ad


Samsung has generated 1.7 million views with an online Super Bowl teaser ad that jokes about the company being sued for infringement.

The minute-long advertisement is intended as a teaser for Samsung's Super Bowl advertisement that will air during the National Football League's championship game on Sunday. It features comedians Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and Bob Odenkirk — who is channeling his Saul Goodman lawyer character from the series "Breaking Bad" — as the three brainstorm potential ideas for Samsung's "Big Game" advertisement.

In the ad, Odenkirk rejects Rudd and Rogen's repeated attempts to say trademarked words like "Super Bowl," "San Francisco 49ers" or "Baltimore Ravens." When Rogen asks who might sue Samsung for their use of the names, Odenkirk responds: "Everybody, nobody. Who knows?"

The ad doesn't specifically mention Apple, but viewers have interpreted the video as a not-so-subtle jab at the iPhone maker, which has filed a number of patent infringement suits accusing Samsung of copying the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad.

One top comment on YouTube joked that only Apple lawyers disapproved of the video. Another praised the company's willingness to poke fun at the situation with Apple, suggesting the South Korean company is "being extra careful about anything that could be misconstrued to be willful copyright infringement."

In the ad, Rogen and Rudd eventually settle on saying they are "doing a commercial for the 'Big Plate' featuring the 'San Francisco Fifty-Minus-One-ers' and the 'Baltimore Blackbirds.'"