Apple's 'Hollywood' iPad commercial makes Oscar debut, continues new ad style

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During the telecast of the 85th annual Oscar Academy Awards on Sunday, Apple aired a new iPad ad highlighting a few iOS apps tailored specifically for the company's tablet lineup.

Titled "Hollywood," Apple newest commercial is a continuation of the new ad style seen in the company's most recent "Alive" and "Together" iPad TV spots.

Just as the two advertisements before it, Sunday's commercial focused on the three keywords to spotlight some of the 300,000 apps made especially for iPad users. Using the words "Lights," "Camera" and "Action," Apple showcased iPad versions of iMovie, Pinterest, Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos, Apple Maps and Action Movie FX, among clips from well-known movies.

Apple appears to be taking a new tack with its iPad spots, playing more on the massive assets of the iOS App Store than touting hardware capabilities. The latest iPad ads are a departure from the sometimes subdued commercials the company puts out for other products like the iPhone, and instead lean toward the classic iPod spots from years past.


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