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Apple's iPhone accounts for two thirds of smartphones watching Web videos, report says

Source: Ooyala

A Web video provider reported on Monday that two thirds of mobile-based traffic seen on its network originate from Apple's iPhone, while Android devices accounted for roughly one third.

According to statistics from Ooyala, as reported by AllThingsD, Apple's iPhone took a 67 percent share of the total time mobile users spent watching videos, more than double the 33 percent share of handsets running Google's Android.

As a way of quantifying the findings, Ooyala offered a graph of the latest iOS and Android shipment statistics from IDC. The research firm found Apple to hold a 19 percent share of worldwide shipments for the 2012 calendar year, while Android continued to dominate with a 68 percent slice of the market.

While the metrics are but a sampling of the massive number of smartphone owners worldwide — the firm serves up content to some 200 million unique viewers globally — the huge gap in viewership is consistent with other studies, the most recent of which found iOS users account for 84 percent of mobile devices accessing Wi-Fi networks on airplanes.

It is unclear what factors into the discrepancy, as products from Apple and those from Android device makers have similar access to web videos, but the findings underscore the difference in how users interact with the two platforms.