Logitech's Keyboard Folios complement, protect Apple's iPad & iPad mini

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Owners of both sizes of Apple's iPad saw their accessorizing options expanded on Tuesday, with Logitech announcing new Keyboard Folio cases for both the iPad and iPad mini.

The new Keyboard Folio cases from Logitech wrap around either an iPad or iPad mini, protecting the tablet and giving users access to a compact Bluetooth keyboard. The attachments feature built-in Smart Cover functionality, allowing them to put an iPad to sleep or wake it by closing or opening the case.

The Keyboard Folios feature built-in magnets that hold the iPad when in typing mode. They also come with a USB cable charger, which provides the Folio's internal battery with up to three months of power, assuming two hours of use per day.

The Keyboard Folio for iPad and Keyboard Folio for iPad mini are available for preorder now at Logitech's site. The devices come in an array of color and fabric options.