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iOS 7 beta: Apple's 'Voice Memos' app returns in latest build

While it was absent from the first beta of iOS 7, the built-in "Voice Memos" application has returned with Monday's release of iOS 7 beta 2.

Voice Memos

Developers testing iOS 7 will see the Voice Memos application appear on their home screen after installing the latest version of the beta software. It features a new icon showing wavelengths of a sound recording against a white background.

Like other native applications in iOS 7, the software has also been redesigned with a new look. Recording can be initiated by hitting a large red button, and a timeline with sound wavelengths scrolls as the memo is saved.

When tapping Done, users can then enter a name for their new recording, and it is saved. A list of saved recordings can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Legacy recordings that may have been saved in iCloud are restored with the return of the Voice Memos application, and can be listened to once again. Clips can also be trimmed, sent via message, mail or AirDrop, or deleted.