Apple releases iOS 7 golden master to developers ahead of Sept. 18 public launch

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Developers testing Apple's new iOS 7 mobile operating system were supplied with the golden master, or presumed final build, of the software on Tuesday after the company revealed its new iPhone lineup.

The iOS 7 golden master update can be obtained through Apple's online developer portal. People familiar with the software said it is identified as "Build 11A465."

The release of the iOS 7 GM means that developers will have a little over a week to test their applications before the software is made available to the masses. Apple announced earlier Tuesday that iOS 7 will be made available to the public on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

iOS 7 will launch just two days before Apple's latest smartphones — the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c — go on sale. Both of those devices will ship with iOS 7 preinstalled.

For current iOS device users, iOS 7 will become available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4; the fourth- and third-generation iPad, iPad 2, and iPad mini, as well as the fifth-generation iPod touch. It will be a free download.


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