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Apple releases iPhone 5c ad first shown at last week's special event

Apple has released an iPhone 5c television spot the company first showed off at its iPhone media event last week, highlighting the device's plastic shell in a variety of vibrant colors.

The ad, titled "Plastic Perfected," is a bit of a departure from the most recent iPhone ads in that it focuses solely on the product, a style still used with the iPod lineup.

Set to Sleigh Bells' hit track "Rill Rill," the short 30-second clip shows an iPhone 5c being "built up" with liquified plastic seemingly poured into an invisible mold, hammering home that the phone is made of polycarbonate.

Unlike the last iPhone 5 commercials, which were powerful and contemplative, the iPhone 5c spot is all about the phone. Specifically, it's all about one feature of the phone: the plastic shell.

Ending the commercial is a flat black iOS 7 Apple logo and the text "Coming Soon."

Not much can be said about the ad aside from how divergent it is compared to Apple's recent direction in iPhone marketing. It can be assumed that the company is targeting a different demographic with the 5c spot, as it has a "fun" feel to it. Apple has yet to create a "feature" commercial for the iPhone 5s, though short snippets showing off the forthcoming handset's functions have been uploaded to YouTube.