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Apple updates Final Cut Pro with Mac Pro optimizations

Hot on the heels of Thursday's Mac Pro release, Apple updated its flagship Final Cut Pro video editing software with tweaks and additions tailored to take advantage of the new desktop's capabilities.

Final Cut Pro hit version 10.1 with the update and brings a slew of optimizations, performance enhancements and user interface changes targeted at high-end hardware, like the redesigned Mac Pro.

Among the added features, Mac Pro-specific assets include optimization for the computer's standard dual-GPU setup, as well as video monitoring at up to 4K resolutions via Thunderbolt 2 and HDMI.

A selection of new features from the release notes:

  • Optimized playback and rendering using dual GPUs in the new Mac Pro
  • Video monitoring up to 4K via Thunderbolt 2 and HDMI on select Mac computers
  • 4K content including titles, transitions, and generators
  • Libraries allow you to gather multiple events and projects within a single bundle
  • Easily open and close individual libraries to load just the material you need
  • Option to import media to locations inside or outside a library
  • Automatically back up libraries to a user-specified drive or network location
  • Project Snapshots let you quickly capture the project state for fast versioning
  • Non-rippling retime option
  • One-step Replace and Retime
  • Custom project frame sizes
  • Detach audio from Multicam Clips in the timeline to manipulate audio and video separately
  • Make video or audio-only edits into the timeline with Multicam Clips as sources
  • Native support for .MTS and .MT2S files from AVCHD cameras
  • Used media indicators on source clips
  • API for custom Share operations using third-party software

In addition to the above improvements, the latest Final Cut Pro now offers direct 4K shares to YouTube, iOS photo importing, FxPlug 3 with custom plug-in interfaces and dual-GPU support, and more.

Apple's Final Cut Pro version 10.1 can be purchased now through the Mac App Store for $299.99, or as a free download for existing customers.