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Hands-on: Belkin Form Fit Freestyle iPad case

Belkin showed off the latest version of its Form Fit Freestyle case for iPad, a stand and protective cover made from leather with integrated magnets meant to quickly detach when taking pictures.

With a front skin sheathed in full grain leather, the new Form Fit Freestyle solves a problem many users run into while taking pictures with Apple's tablet: flapping covers.

As seen above, the two-piece case attaches via a strong magnet located on the back of the tablet. Leather accents, in this case brown on red, act as guides where users can make adjustments to the case's form factor.

For example, the case can be set up as a stand for both landscape and portrait viewing by detaching and reattaching the leather cover. The magnetic receptacle is squared-off, creating a stable base that limits twisting and turning.


When taking photos, the Freestyle's cover can be completely removed instead of allowed to hang and flap. The protective case portion remains attached to shield against accidental drops and the cover snaps back on when users are finished shooting.

Belkin's Form Fit Freestyle will ship in the second quarter and retail for $59.99.