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Apple references unannounced 'mid-2014' Mac mini in Support Pages document

In an update to a support document regarding Boot Camp compatibility on Monday, Apple added reference to an as-yet-unannounced "mid-2014" Mac mini, suggesting the company is — or was — planning a long overdue refresh of its smallest desktop offering.

As Apple plows through its annual hardware refresh cycle with tweaked iMacs, MacBook Airs and today's MacBook Pro with Retina display, the Mac mini remains untouched since October 2012, when Apple upgraded the computer's CPUs to then-current Intel Ivy Bridge silicon.

A support document modified on Monday, however, made reference to a mid-2014 Mac mini. As seen in the above screenshot of a web-cached version of the document, the supposed mid-2014 Mac mini uses Boot Camp 5 to support 64-bit versions of Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows 7.

The latest build of Boot Camp 5 — version 5.1.5640 — requires current Mac hardware released no earlier than the start of 2013. It should be noted that Boot Camp version 5.1.5621 supports Macs down to 2011 and it is unclear which build Apple suggested for use with the 2014 Mac mini.

While the addition of an unannounced refreshed Mac mini to a support document suggests Apple may be working on an overhaul, it can just as easily be assumed that the post was updated by mistake. With the MacBook Pro with Retina display lineup receiving its mid-2014 refresh today, Apple may have inadvertently modified the Boot Camp document in error, instead meaning to add the new Retina MacBooks to the list.

Popular with a niche audience, the Mac mini has seemingly fallen by the wayside as stronger sellers like the iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook lineup continue to expand their capabilities. There is still a market for the Mac mini, as seen in multiple online forums including numerous active threads on Apple's own Support Communities forum, though the company has been slow to upgrade the tiny desktop with new internals.