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Spotify adds new hardware partners for Apple AirPlay rival Spotify Connect

Swedish streaming music provider Spotify on Wednesday announced the addition of multimedia hardware companies Bose, Panasonic, and Gramofon to its list of partners for Spotify Connect, a wireless media streaming platform similar to Apple's AirPlay.

Though it is unclear onto exactly which devices the three companies will integrate Spotify Connect, current partner Philips will add the feature to its lineup of Android-powered televisions. Spotify says that its other collaborators — which include companies like Sony, Denon, Pioneer, and Samsung — have already shipped more than 80 home audio devices with Spotify Connect.

"Our mission with Connect was to give people a better way to listen at home, and we have delivered exactly that for music fans all over the world in just one year," Spotify executive Sten Garmark said in a release. "We wanted to offer a broad range of devices, and our partners have delivered an incredible range of innovative Multi Room systems, receivers, radios and dongles for every budget. This is just the beginning. Our goal is to put Connect devices into the home of every music fan on the planet."

Introduced last year, Spotify Connect allows users to stream music from their smartphone or tablet to any compatible speaker. The feature is not unlike an app-specific version of Apple's AirPlay technology.

In addition to Apple, Spotify also faces competition for adoption from Google. The search giant introduced Chromecast, which requires a $35 television dongle, last July.