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Save money with new app bundles available on the App Store in iOS 8

Starting with iOS 8, developers are now able to bundle and sell their applications together, allowing users to buy a number of apps at once from the App Store at a discounted rate.

A new Bundles section can be found on the iOS App Store's main Featured page, where collections range from games to photo editing tools to productivity apps.

The pages for each bundle even inform users how much money they will save by buying the collection. For example, the Final Fantasy 6+1-in-One bundle would cost $97.93 if all seven applications were purchased separately, but together they can be bought for $69.99.

If a customer already has some of the applications available in the bundle, a discounted "Complete My Bundle" rate can also be offered.

Icons for bundles are presented in the form of an iOS folder, with four shrunken individual app icons include inside a folder bubble. Bundles can include as few as two applications, while as of Thursday the largest bundles include 9 apps.

Bundle pages have their own unique description and listing. Screenshots are also accompanied by captions, so that developers can make it clear to users what application from the bundle is being shown in a particular picture.

Like individual apps, bundles also get their own reviews. Links are also provided to each individual application included in the bundle.

And to make bundle discovery and any accompanying savings easier to discover, Apple also includes links to bundle pages from individual app listings. If an application is included in a bundle, users can find a link to it in a new section called "Also Included In."