Jawbone launches new 'UP3' fitness band and entry-level 'UP Move' activity tracker

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Coming in just before the holiday shopping season, Jawbone on Wednesday announced two new fitness trackers with the basic $50 UP Move and advanced $180 UP3 band.

Dubbed by Jawbone as "the world's most advanced fitness tracker," the UP3 takes on the familiar wristband form factor of previous UP designs, but packs in a host of new sensors to monitor heart rate, temperature and more.

In addition to the usual accelerometer-based pedometer duties users have come to expect from a fitness device, the UP3 features a bio-impedance sensor package capable of measuring resting heart rates. Unlike other smart devices that employ optical heart rate sensors — like Apple's upcoming Apple Watch — the UP3 uses conductive pads that are in constant contact with a user's skin.

Aside from resting heart rate, the bio-impedance sensors can measure respiration, hydration levels and galvanic skin response. A change from last year is the ability to track skin and ambient temperatures, offering a new level of detail to biometric readings.

Algorithms are applied to raw sensor data to automatically detect the type of activity being performed for easy tracking and more accurate calorie expenditure calculations. Jawbone's app-based Smart Coach returns and is supposedly able to offer better personalized fitness tips with the additional sensor data.

The UP3 also includes sleep tracking, idle vibration alert, a silent vibration alarm and LED indicators.

With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and NFC, Jawbone claims the UP3 can get up to one week of use before needing to be recharged.

The UP3 is priced at $180 and is scheduled to start shipping in December.

Jawbone's UP Move is an entry-level offering similar in design to Misfit's Shine activity monitor. A circular pendant-style device, UP Move can be worn as a clip-on or fastened to a user's wrist via a band accessory.

Like other UP products, the Move does not feature a display, but instead conveys information through 12 white LEDs disposed on its face. Arranged on the periphery of the device face, the lights allow for at-a-glance viewing of fitness goals and the current time. In addition, orange and blue LEDs denote current mode and device status.

With the UP app, users can track steps, calories burned and sleep statistics. Using Bluetooth 4.0 for syncing, the button cell battery is rated for a six month life span.

The UP Move is priced at $50 and ships in mid-November.