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Second Apple Watch diary entry from model Christy Turlington Burns touts activity tracking, watch complications

Apple posted and update on model Christy Turlington Burns as she uses Apple Watch to train for the London Marathon, this time throwing a spotlight on the device's prowess as a daily planner and run timer.

Week two of Turlington Burns' road to London sees her get right back into training after returning to New York from Africa, where she ran the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon in Tanzania to raise awareness and funds for her pregnancy and safe childbirth nonprofit Every Mother Counts.

"I'd been gone for almost two weeks by the time I returned from Africa, so I put the Modular face on my Apple Watch right away to help me get back into the swing of things," Turlington Burns writes.

The Modular watch face lays out complications, Apple's term for sub-features that display data like time, date, activity and more, into a grid for at-a-glance viewing. Users can tap on a complication, such as Calendar, to open the corresponding app. As part of her daily routine, Turlington Burns uses complications to keep track of movement with Apple Watch's Activity Rings, check the weather and stay on top of appointments.

She also mentions getting tweets directly on her wrist, presumably via Glances or Twitter's dedicated Watch app.

Turlington Burns also reveals a little tidbit regarding how Apple Watch will record workouts. She said that during a recent session at Barry's Bootcamp, she switched the built in Workout app to "Other" to keep track of the cardiovascular and weightlifting regimen, which in turn fills Apple Watch's Exercise ring. How Apple Watch tracks specific exercise routines is not entirely clear, though Apple says its device can display realtime stats like "for a variety of the most popular activities, including running, using the elliptical, and cycling."

Next to a brief mention of run pacing capabilities, Apple inserted a sidebar graphic about the fluoroelastomer Sport Band, which is designed to stand up to the rigors of running in inclement weather conditions.

During its "Spring Forward" event earlier in March, Turlington Burns was announced as a sort of brand ambassador for Apple Watch and will be posting weekly progress updates as she prepares for the Virgin Money London Marathon. The strategy is an interesting turn for Apple, but traditional watchmakers and high-end luxury brands have for decades enlisted celebrities and notable public figures for brand outreach.