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Rumor: Apple may limit Force Touch to the next-gen 'iPhone 6s Plus'

If Apple's pressure-sensing Force Touch technology does make its way to the next generation of iPhones, a new report from Taiwan suggests that it may be exclusive to the so-called "iPhone 6s Plus."

Longtime Apple partner TPK could be the sole supplier of force sensing components for the iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch, according to UDN. The parts could increase the cost of the 6s Plus by $13 to $14, compared to the $4 to $5 it is believed to cost for each Apple Watch.

If true, it would follow Apple's current practice of integrating more advanced technology in the larger iPhone. The iPhone 6 Plus boasts an optically-stabilized camera, an option that the smaller iPhone 6 lacks.

Other changes rumored for the next-generation iPhone are the addition of the Apple SIM, along with a so-called "A9" processor fabricated by Samsung and a move to 2 gigabytes of RAM. The 8-megapixel camera will reportedly remain for at least one more generation.

The company could also update its "C" line, continuing the 4-inch form factor by putting iPhone 5s internals — plus a new NFC chip for Apple Pay compatibility — into a polycarbonate shell. This would make Touch ID and Apple Pay ubiquitous throughout the iPhone lineup.