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First look: Apple's streamlined Music app in iOS 8.4 beta

Earlier on Monday, Apple released iOS 8.4 beta with what it calls a "sneak peek" at a redesigned Music app featuring all new content browsing tools, user interface navigation and persistent MiniPlayer.

As seen in the video above, Apple's new Music app looks very similar to the current version seen in iOS 8.3, save for a few graphical tweaks. Under the hood, however, are a few key additions meant to dial in the user experience with gesture controls, intuitive menu options and global search, among other functions.

MiniPlayer is a key feature to Apple's new Music, allowing quick access to the Now Playing pane and music transport controls. Positioned just above three main UI icons for "My Music," "Playlists" and "Radio," the MiniPlayer feels bit cramped on an iPhone 5s, but makes good use screen real estate on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Swipe gestures are now supported for flipping between Music function panes and dismissing the Now Playing window.

The My Music home screen has been revamped to include Recently Added albums at the top of a user's music library. While browsing, users can start playing music directly from the album list. In addition, a global search function with recent queries and Radio integration can be accessed from anywhere in the app.

Apple's redesign includes heavy use of transparencies, especially apparent in the Now Playing window, which can be customized with user-assigned cover art. A number of functions have been transported to Now Playing including the ability to start an AirPlay session and add a song to "Up Next." The window is dismissible by swiping down on the screen or tapping the chevron in the upper left corner.

Aesthetic changes include new in-app icons, larger album and artist graphics and a design more consistent with Apple's "flat" UI style. CoverFlow, which made albums browsable in landscape mode, has apparently been deleted, though the function could return in a later build.