Facebook launches News Feed prioritization first via its iOS app

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Facebook on Thursday began deploying a new feature first through its iOS app, making it easier for users of the social network to decide which posts are and are not presented by the social network's News Feed.

Under the app's "More" menu, an overhauled News Feed Preferences tool should make it simpler to unfollow (without defriending) people or pages, which are displayed in an easy-to-read list of contacts with profile photos. A mirror option makes it possible to reconnect with unfollowed profiles.

The ability to follow or unfollow was already possible through the app, but until now more convoluted, typically done through profile or news post options.

Completely new however is the ability to choose which people and pages to prioritize. Starring items via the Prioritize option will ensure that their posts always appear towards the top of the News Feed — previously, posts were highlighted automatically based on algorithms.

The News Feed Preferences tool finally includes a Discover New Pages option, which shows brief suggestions for pages a person can Like.

The new settings options are currently iOS-exclusive, but will become available to Android and Web users within the next several weeks, Facebook said.

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