OS X 10.10.5 closes DYLD vulnerability, fixes bug and performance issues

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Apple on Thursday released the finished version of OS X 10.10.5, a maintenance update for Yosemite that mostly concentrates on bugfixes and security issues, including the DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE privilege escalation exploit.

The update also solves Mail compatibility problems with some email servers, and quashes a Photos bug that prevented importing GoPro videos. QuickTime Player should once again be able to play Windows Media files. Across the OS, Apple has made various performance improvements.

The DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE vulnerability allowed an installer to gain root access without entering a password, from which point it could insert further software such as adware.

OS X 10.10.5 can be downloaded via the Updates tab at the Mac App Store.

The release will likely be the last major update for Yosemite, as OS X 10.11 — El Capitan — is due to ship sometime this fall.