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Apple commissions manmade floral art to promote Apple Watch at London's Selfridges

A new marketing installation commissioned by Apple is filling all 24 windows of London's Selfridges department store with manmade flowers, each matched to the faces of the Apple Watch.

The flowers measure anywhere from several inches to several feet in height, and were hand-sculpted and painted by artists, according to design magazine Wallpaper. As source imagery a group of blooming flowers were photographed over many hours using stop-motion techniques.

Larger flowers were made out of cast resin, while smaller ones were created using 3D printing.

A different configuration of Apple Watch sits at the center of each window, with its wallpaper set to match the flowers behind it. All three Watch lines are represented.

Selfridges has featured elaborate windows displays since 1909, but Apple is reportedly the first company to have a single product take over every window. It has also had two previous Watch installations at the store, "Butterflies" and "Chromosphere."

Selfridges was one of a few retail locations to host the Apple Watch when it launched in late April, joined only by a handful of luxury vendors scattered around the world. Even Apple's own retail stores didn't carry the product until June, forcing most shoppers to buy online.