Waze for iOS gets redesigned with new look, simpler interface, improved battery life

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The latest update to Waze's navigation app for iOS introduces a major redesign that not only alters its look to be clearer, but also simplifies many tasks, particularly for long roadtrips.

Maps in the app should be easier to read, and reports and alerts are likewise color-coded for quicker recognition. The reporting system itself should be faster thanks to icon-based based menus.

Waze also promises fewer taps to begin a trip or share locations and directions. For more complex drives, a new ETA panel centralizes things like alternate routes, reports, and ETA sharing, with options to insert mid-trip pitstops.

The updated app will further trigger time-to-leave notifications for iOS Calendar events, based on current traffic conditions.

Waze lastly promises "significantly reduced" battery consumption, important given the app's dependence on GPS and keeping the screen on.

The Waze iOS app is a free download and runs on any iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.0 or later, though only cellular-equipped iPads have built-in GPS.


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