Apple says new tvOS apps must support Siri remote in updated App Store Review Guidelines

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After pushing out new iOS, OS X and watchOS versions on Wednesday, and ahead of next week's fourth-generation Apple TV sales debut, Apple updated its App Store Review Guidelines to reflect changes specific to tvOS, including a requirement that an app's "core functionality" must support Siri remote.

Under a new App Store Review Guideline's Functionality clause, app submissions will be rejected if their core functionality does not work with the upcoming Apple TV's Siri remote, which features touchpad and voice input. An app can, however, provide enhanced functionality in connection with a game controller or other peripheral, Apple says.

The App Store Review Guideline update was spotted by app development agency Shape.

Metadata considerations are also updated to bring upcoming tvOS App Store previews in line with those found on the iOS and OS X serving storefronts. Specifically, if app images destined to appear on the Apple TV home screen's top shelf do not adhere to Apple's 4+ age rating safeguards, the software will be rejected. The new stipulation was tacked on to similar age restrictions covering icons, screenshots and previews.

Aside from additions pertaining to tvOS, App Store review conditions now include references to new and updated human interface guidelines for OS X, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Finally, Apple notes in the "Purchasing and currencies" section that apps must not charge for access to built-in capabilities provided by watchOS, tvOS or Apple-branded peripherals like iPad Pro's Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard.


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