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Apple's iOS devices dominate online shopping presence for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

During the busiest shopping period of the year, consumers are largely turning to Apple hardware for their browsing and purchasing, with iPhones and iPads comprising the lion's share of mobile devices tracked through online retailers.

Apple accounted for nearly 75 percent of online sales on mobile devices on Black Friday, new data from Adobe reveals. In all, sales from mobile devices accounted for 33.2 percent of online revenue, up from 27 percent in 2014.

Some $2.74 billion in purchases were made with mobile devices for last Friday's shopping "holiday." Purchases from Apple devices outpaced Android by a nearly three-to-one margin.

The findings corroborate a separate report from Custora's E-Commerce Pulse, which attributed 78.83 percent of U.S. mobile online shopping over Thanksgiving to Apple's iOS. In contrast, Android-based buyers accounted for just 21.5 percent of online orders.

Two separate reports both affirm that devices running Apple's iOS accounted for about three-quarters of all online purchases made from mobile devices.

As for Cyber Monday, Adobe found that nearly 32 percent of online sales this morning came from mobile devices. The company is forecasting $3 billion in sales on Cyber Monday, and had tracked nearly $500 million in sales by 10 a.m. ET, with $156 million in purchases coming from mobile devices.

Given its online nature, Cyber Monday unsurprisingly skews even more toward mobile devices: Adobe says 53 percent of all visits to shopping websites on Cyber Monday morning came from mobile.

Apple users spent a massive $670 million online during Black Friday, with the iPhone leading the way in online shopping with $368 million. iPad users spent an additional $302 million.

Total Android phones and tablets, meanwhile logged the remaining $230 million in mobile purchases.

Adobe tracks online retailers with Adobe Marketing Cloud, which measures 80 percent of online transactions at the top 100 U.S. retailers.

Social media buzz around Black Friday was also said to have grown by 25 percent year over year to nearly 4 million mentions, with Amazon leading the way with more than half a million mentions, double that of Target and Walmart combined. By mid-morning, Cyber Monday had more than 150,000 social media mentions.

The most popular electronic devices this year were Samsung 4K TVs, iPad Air 2, Xbox One, iPad mini, and PlayStation 4.

Overall online sales hit $8.03 billion between Thanksgiving and Sunday, up 17 percent from the same period in 2014, Adobe said.