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First look: SiriMote lets you control your Mac with an Apple TV Siri Remote

A new, free OS X app dubbed SiriMote allows owners of the new fourth-gen Apple TV to pair the device's Siri Remote with a Mac computer, offering a new method of control.

The freeware app allows you to pair the Siri Remote with an Intel Mac running OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Once installed, SiriMote allows control of playback features on your computer, restoring functionality found in previous iterations of Apple remotes.

AppleInsider tested the new app and found that setting up the SiriMote isn't a walk in the park. While the instructions are easy enough — ultimately just pairing the device with your computer and waiting for the app to recognize the remote — it took several tries for SiriMote to recognize our remote.

Specifically, SiriMote required us to shut down our computer, toggle the Bluetooth on and off and tinker before ultimately accepting the connection. The Apple TV must also be unplugged during the process, which is a pain if your power cords are difficult to access.

On one attempt, after the remote was successfully paired with the Mac via the Bluetooth connection page, the SiriMote app still didn't recognize the remote more than 15 minutes later. Some reviews have also noted difficulty with setting the device up.

However, once you get the app up and running, it's smooth sailing, and the remote performs as intended. Once paired, you can play and pause media, fast forward and rewind, and adjust volume controls. The remote can also be used to control Powerpoint presentations. Unfortunately, the app does not take advantage of the new remote's touchpad interface.

If you've been looking for a remote to control media playback on your computer, need a Powerpoint clicker, or miss the option of doubling your Apple TV remote as a peripheral device for your Mac, the SiriMote is a good option.

SiriMote is free, and is available now from the Eternal Storms app developer website at