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iOS 9.2 update should fix iPad Pro blackouts, Apple says

Installing the iOS 9.2 update should solve a problem with the iPad Pro causing the tablet to suddenly go black and fail to respond to touch or button input, Apple said in an updated support document.

"Updating your iPad Pro to iOS 9.2 or later might prevent this issue from occurring in the future," the company added on Tuesday. The document was originally posted on Nov. 19. The webpage still mentions a temporary fix, which involves doing a forced restart by holding down the home and sleep/wake buttons until the Apple logo appears onscreen.

The glitch manifested itself shortly after the Pro went on sale in mid-November. Apple acknowledged it within a week or so, but then went largely silent.

The iPad Pro wasn't mentioned at all in release notes for iOS 9.2. That update did make a number of other fixes, but mostly ones oriented toward general iPhone and iPad problems.

It meanwhile made a handful of upgrades to iOS, including several Apple Music improvements, a new Top Stories section in News, and a Mail Drop function for large Mail attachments. iBooks was updated with 3D Touch support, and the ability to continue listening to an audiobook while elsewhere in the app.