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Hyundai bringing CarPlay to Sonata in next quarter via paid SD card upgrade

Hyundai will finally be adding Apple CarPlay support to the Sonata in the first quarter of 2016, over a year later than promised, in the form of a paid upgrade.

Drivers will have to buy an SD card to update their vehicles, according to the Detroit Free Press. Previously Hyundai promised that CarPlay would be free for compatible 2015 and 2016 Sonata models, and the company has yet to specify which exact cars the SD card will work with.

The reason for the delay is unknown, as is why the company is suddenly charging for the upgrade. Drivers can already get Google's Android Auto in the Sonata without paying extra.

CarPlay has had a relatively slow rollout overall. It was first launched in March 2014, but still had minimal support by the end of that year. Only in 2015 have a wide number of vehicles begun adopting support — even then, only in newer models, leaving many people to buy an aftermarket dash display from Alpine, Kenwood, or Pioneer if they want the option.

Some other vehicles do at least have Siri Eyes Free, which lets drivers make Siri voice commands on an iPhone without taking their hands off the wheel.